Saturday, January 21, 2012

Welcome to WHF

Hello everyone and welcome to Wholesome Health and Fitness. My name is Christal and I am the author of this site.

I have developed a huge passion for health and fitness over the years. Personally, I went through many roller coasters on my journey to finding a healthy me. Through everything I have learned that health is not just about food and exercise. Those things are important but are not all inclusive. To be the best and healthiest you possible, there are four areas you need to focus on; spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.

In developing a passion for health and fitness, I have also developed an interest in body building. In this, I've come across many fitness models that I looked up to. Unfortunately I always seemed to end up disappointed when I found out more about the models. I do not have anything against seeing a woman in a competition or in a bathing suit. But when you start taking seductive photographs to show off your body, I am immediately heart broken. I know there are Christian women out there who are healthy and maybe that do a little body building that don't take it to the extreme. I really want to find them! If you are one of these people, contact me because I would love to feature you as a guest on the blog!

In this blog you are going to get entries mostly on the spiritual and physical aspects of being healthy, but there will also be the occasional posts on the mental and emotional aspects as well.

As a short disclaimer, I am not a certified personal trainer or certified nutritionist (yet). The things I post are just what I have found personally work for me.

I hope you enjoy what you find here.

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